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OUR ROLE: Design, Manufacture & Install a Fall Arrest Crane System



Under Running Double Girder Bridge with 130 ft span (5 end trucks)

Two trolleys per girder

Max capacity 2 x 310 LB (two people per girder)

Designed to both CMAA Under Running Crane design standards for stresses and deflections as well as ANSI and CSA specification for Fall Arrest. Crane structural and operational design is actually 8000 lb capacity


ABOUT THE PROJECT: The Fall Arrest system is for an aircraft manufacturing facility. The system provides fall arrest tie-off attachment points for a maximum of four workers, a load capacity of 2 x 310 LBS per girder. The crane’s 130 ft span is made up off four bolt together modular sections and was installed in 1 day at a 40 foot elevation onto an existing runway, operating adjacent to load lifting cranes. ELS also implemented electronic anti-collision systems utilizing standard proximity sensors to ensure that the existing cranes and the new fall-arrest crane would never come in physical contact with each other. ELS was able to design, build and test the fall arrest crane system in modular form, allowing the system to be shipped in pieces on ELS’s own standard 53 ft flatbed transports for erected and assembly on site in one day, without impacting production.