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OUR ROLE: Assisted with plant layout to optimize workflow with regard to placement of cranes for material handling and worked with the building contractor to design the building structure to accommodate the load factors of the ceiling-mounted crane products. Suppl


FACTS & FIGURES: One 500 LB Capacity Ceiling Mounted Work Station Bridge Crane with Two Bridges each with a G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device

Four 165 LB Capacity Easy Arm Intelligent Articulating Jib Cranes

One 250 lbs Ceiling Monorail Beam with Air Powered Chain Hoist

One WSJ360 Jib Crane with Air Powered Chain Hoist


ABOUT THE PROJECT: A natural gas supply company in Ontario that is rebuilding pumps and meters was looking to expand their work shop by building a new larger facility. In their old work shop, pumps and meters were either manually handled, with chain falls, or for the larger units, with forklifts. Manual handling was slow and cumbersome in addition to being the cause of several incidences where workers were hurt. So when the company built a new facility they wanted to invest in a better way to handle their pumps and meters in their new facility. They decided the better way was to install Gorbel ergonomic Work Station Crane products throughout their new facility, all sourced from ELS.