Gantry Full Span – Up to 10 Ton

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc manufactures its products under the brand name Mentor Dynamics.

Capacities: Up to 10 ton
Spans: Up to 36 FT

Gantry cranes are available in single or double girder configurations. Rail along with bearing plate is anchored to concrete slab or footing depending on capacity. Motorized or manual push types available.

Full gantry cranes are used when the addition of columns or runways is undesirable. Common applications of gantry cranes include shipyards, barges and outdoor storage facilities.

– End stop designed to stop hoist trolley from hitting leg assembly.
– Rigid Moment connection of leg to beam design eliminates the need
for interfering knee bracing.
– Base plate with mounting holes allow for lagging to floor or bolting on castors.

– Spring-loaded swivel castor design option allows the unloaded gantry to be moved in any direction. When load is lifted by the gantry, castor locks into a stationary position.
– V-Groove castor design available to run on inverted angle iron track.