Gantry Semi Span – Up to 20 Ton

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc manufactures its products under the brand name Mentor Dynamics.

Capacities: Up to 20 ton
Spans: Up to 60 FT

Gantry cranes are available in single or double girder configurations. Rail along with bearing plate is anchored to concrete slab or footing depending on capacity. Motorized or manual push types available.

Semi gantry cranes are used when the addition of columns or runways on one side is undesirable. Common applications of gantries include shipyards, barges and out door storage facilities.

– CMAA Class ‘C’ or ‘D’ duty service
– Dual drive bridge
– Trolley end stops
– Rigid welded connection between gantry girder and gantry legs
– NEMA 4/12 control panel
– Allen Bradley controls

– Multi-speed bridge utilizing frequency drive
– Air driven bridge
– Spark resistant features
– Explosion proof control panel
– Notched bridge beam
– Bolted connection between gantry girder and gantry legs
– Warning horn
– Flashing lights
– Remote control