ID Gripper Electric Turner
Up to 350 LB

A Schlumpf Product. Schlumpf has been supplying high quality machinery and custom equipment since 1886. Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS) is an authorized dealer/distributor for Schlumpf.

Hoist-based Electric Roll Handling Machines for lifting, turning and transporting rolls of all types.

ERT-350: For weights to 350 LB
• The ERT-350 has quiet, high-speed electric actuators powering the turning function with capability of completing full radius in 8-10 seconds.
• Two-station push button switch is mounted within a small, hand held pendant for operator’s convenience.
• The ERT-350 utilizes Schlumpf’s Universal Mandrels which are available for most core sizes. Simply insert the mandrel into the core and lift the roll. The mandrel grips the core with minimal damage. A quick-change mandrel holder allows fast core size changes without any tools.

ERT-600: For weights to 600 LB

ERT-1000/2000: For weights to 2,000 LB

• High speed turning mechanism
• Handles a wide range of roll sizes and weights
• Easy to position and control
• Rugged steel construction
• Modular design