Tooling Integration

ELS offers tooling integration that includes systems planning, design and implementation, as well as On-site training for operators.

Understanding of the application is key in determining what tooling integration system is right for you.

End-of-Arm tooling is integrated with overhead lifing equipment such as hoists, process arms, rigid column manipulators and work station arms.

— Automotive/Vehicular manufacturing
— Work Station Assembly
— Packaging
— Palletizing
— Conveyor Systems
— Work Holding
— Material Transfer
— Picking Parts

Determining the weight of the load, the type of attachment to the load, the lifting motion and process in addition to the ergonomic factors related to operation of the equipment, are key to designing ergonomically correct tooling for industry.

ELS design and manufacturing teams work together with you to assure tooling meets requirements of the lifting application.